GS1 Traceability Solutions

GS1's framework for the design of interoperable traceability systems for supply chains


GS1 Traceability Solutions

GS1 provides the global framework and local implementation services in more than 100 countries to ensure that traceability systems are interoperable and scalable, where trading partners can easily collaborate and share information across the entire chain.

GS1 Traceability

GS1-enabled traceability solutions provide the best path to interoperability, protect companies' investments and scale up. Greater levels of digitalization, speed and data accuracy become possible. Each trading partner in the chain becomes free to choose the solution on the market that best meets its specific needs.

GS1 provides the global and common language for traceability solutions and the ecosystem for its implementation. GS1 makes the industry vision operational and scalable through collaborations and community development, registries about products and places, capacity building and local implementation services in more than 100 countries.

GS1 traceability standards

GS1 Global Traceability Standard (GTS2) introduces two key concepts for interoperable traceability: 1) Critical Tracking Events (CTEs), these are the actual events, such as receiving, packing, shipping, transporting, that occur to the traceable object during its lifecycle, and 2) Key Data Elements (KDEs), these are the elements of data that describe the actual instances of the CTEs.

GS1 identification standards Global Trade Item Number® (GTIN) and Global Location Number (GLN) uniquely identify the objects that are moving throughout supply chains and the locations to which and from which they travel. Identification keys enable the connection of physical and information flows within a trading partner’s processes as well as across different trading partners’ processes.

Barcodes and EPC/RFID, data capture standards, along with data sharing standards the Global Data Synchronisation Network® and EPCIS (Electronic Product Code Information Services) enable automated processing and sharing of information between and across trading partners. EPCIS is a critical component for traceability systems. EPCIS enables trading partners to share information about the physical movement and status of products across supply chains.

GS1 provides sector-specific traceability standards that enable traceability across and within industry sectors. Explore our standards for traceability in Healthcare, Retail and Rail. Interested in assessing your current traceability capabilities?

The GS1 Global Traceability Compliance Criteria standard enables companies to evaluate their traceability control points and implement best practices.

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